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WN Picks: Featured Tasting – Tuscany: La Dolce Vita


Tuscany: La Dolce Vita

Epicurean delights, fields of lavender, Renaissance soaked churches, and Cypress tree-lined streets are just a few of the many spoils of Tuscan life. Add to this bounty some of the best viticulture in the world, and this region of Italy truly is “La Dolce Vita” incarnate. Wine novices and buffs who want to become better acquainted with the charm, personality and muscle of Tuscan wines and its famed regions, Montalcino, Chianti and Montepulciano, need look no further. This tasting will be an exciting experience that will leave you reeling from the passion and culture only Italian wines can offer.

Every week, we feature WineNight tastings we think you’re going to dig. They’re curated by our sommeliers and designed to open your palate to eye-popping tastes and dreamy aromas. Check out more of our delectable tastings at WineNight.


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