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7 Books About (Or Featuring) Wine For The Beach

imagesRosé All Day

Rosé has long been a pastime for the French, though Americans have recently begun discovering its delights. We love drinking it so much, it might as well be called “summer water.” It’s fortuitous then that someone has written a coffee table-worthy book dedicated to this pink-hued wine. Witty and fun, this guide to rosé covers the gamut, from the serious (history, vintners) to the saucy (Rick Ross loves the stuff).

corkdorkCork Dork

Leaving behind her Huffpost Tech job after becoming obsessed with blind wine tastings she viewed online, Bosker followed wine fanatics around the country for 18 months, perhaps, she thought, to become a sommelier herself. Part wine education, part behind-the-scenes tell all, it’s like the “Kitchen Confidential” of wine, with Bosker observing and writing about everything as a wide-eyed novice.

sidewaysSideways: A Novel

A writer and an actor come to grips with middle-age and marriage in this frisky, buddy road trip novel through wine country–Santa Ynez, California, specifically. Wine is a constant companion here, almost a third character in itself, written about in amazing detail. Be sure to have a glass of SoCal pinot noir with you as you leaf your way through its pages.

goodyearA Good Year

The fifth novel from British ex-pat writer Mayle about the wine business and the pleasures of life in Provence. The story follows a London financier who is bequeathed his uncle’s Provencal wine estate just as his life is unravelling. He relocates to the vineyard and falls in love with the smells, tastes and sights of French pastoral life, until a twist puts the estate in peril.

amvinoAmerican Wino: A Tale of Reds, Whites, and One Man’s Blues

Wine tasting can take you on a journey. And this novel, by ex-Playboy nightlife columnist Dunn, takes him on a literal journey. After an existential crisis, Dunn decides to travel the entire U.S. learning about and tasting wine. He weaves in the knowledge he learns on the road about wine, travel, relationships, and life. Gonzo journalism fueled by wine.

utsUnder The Tuscan Sun

Finding yourself was never so delicious in this memoir classic. Frances Mayes, a Californian, writes about all the sensual, slow pleasures she discovers living in rural Italy while renovating a farmhouse and falling in love with all the area has to offer (like life-changing wine).


mcinernyThe Juice: Vinous Veritas

This book is a collection of essays from (in)famous writer McInerney, who is now the wine columnist for the The Wall Street Journal.  He details his wine escapades of the past decade, describing “the juice” and the people and places that make it. His prose is witty and accessible, candid and provocative, just the kind of on point writing you’d expect from the author of “Bright Lights, Big City”.



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