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Barcelona Wineries By Bike

Wine has been a mainstay of Spanish life for millennia. Biking is also a long-standing tradition, given that Spain ranks third amongst Tour de France winners. To get the most out of a visit to Catalan country, combining the two pastimes is a great way to experience the area. Sure, you could get driven around and see the sights by bus or car, but given the incredible topography of the area (wine country, bustling metropolis, the crystalline Mediterranean), using your two feet to bike off all those tapas and wedges of Manchego on a wine tasting tour may be a much more enticing prospect. For your edification, we’ve rounded up a few fantastic wine biking tours in and around Barcelona.

Veni Vidi Bici Vintage Biking Wine Tour

shutterstock_338995346.jpgThis three-hour bike tour takes you and up to eight other lucky wine lovers around Barcelona by vintage bike (so you should feel confident on something with a little mileage on it). Juan Arturo, owner of Veni Vidi Cycling, leads the group from Sants to some of the city’s oldest wineries. You’ll stop along the way at locals-only spots to eat homemade tapas, drink glorious vino, sample vermouth in secret wine “bodegas,” all while seeing the best sites Barcelona has to offer.

Foodie & Tours Bike Through A Catalan Vineyard

shutterstock_329443016 (1)Take a quick trip to the outskirts of Barcelona, and you’ll come upon the tranquil and historical wine region of Alella. Nooked into rolling hills with views of the Mediterranean, vintners have quietly been making wine here since the Roman times. One of its most famous wineries is the boutique vineyard Bouquet d’Allela. It’s been around so long, you can date its Gothic farmhouse to the 15th century. This haven of winemaking is where you get to begin your Catalan wine education by spending time at the winery tasting their red wines and white wines (they’re organic bio, bonus!). When you’re ready to handle your bike, you can continue to explore the picturesque area by electric bike (handily equipped with GPS).

Spanish Trails

shutterstock_500537494From Barcelona, you take a short train ride to Penedès, the region just south of Barcelona, where you’re met by your tour guide. It’s there that you begin your wine biking tour. Taking the back roads of the Catalan countryside, you stop at food and wine destinations along the way to ingest the fantasmic wine and food.

The cycling portion of the trip brings you around the coastal and rolling hillside terrain of the Penedès, with the Mediterranean looming just over your shoulder. When you stop for a drink at the area’s boutique wineries, Spanish white wines, rosés, reds and cavas (Spain’s traditional sparkling wine) quench your thirst. You also get to sit and enjoy a full Catalan meal at a traditional restaurant. For those not sure if their legs are up for a full day-long bike ride, there is a support vehicle anytime you’re ready to call it a day.








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