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It’s officially the first day of summer! Rejoice! Now you can wear open-toed shoes to work (that includes you, gentlemen!), leave at lunchtime on Friday and still get paid a full day’s salary. Now you no longer appear totally inappropriate drinking rosé all day; in fact, the practice has become so commonplace, this saucy blog even reviewed a book that shows you how. During this balmiest of seasons, you also get to beach, booze and play Spikeball with your crew. Speaking of the drinking at the beach, back in the day (circa pre-2012), if you wanted to drink wine a la plage, the only option was to lug around an over-sized ice cooler so the bottles had somewhere to fit. But these days, some really savvy winepreneurs (kudos to you @thefatjewish) decided it was time to scrap all that wine schlepping nonsense and put the juice in a can.

Europeans must be horrified at the thought of their grape harvests nesting in tin (though we haven’t talked to any to confirm this), but Americans prefer innovation and profit–and, of course, convenience–to the way things have always been done, so into the can the wine went. And, boy, did it go. The year ending in June 2012, only about $1.9 million canned wines were sold. For the same period ending in June 2016, $6.4 million were sold. Yowza!

Because this wine packaging concept is eco-friendly and extremely versatile without compromising on taste, this trend toward easy-to-open-anywhere wine roadies doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon since Millennials, who love the concept, drink nearly half of all wine sold.

If you’re looking for more convenience from your favorite white wine, different opportunities and occasions to drink red wine, or you like the idea of sampling a small serving of Pinot Noir without having to buy a large bottle, you’re going to want to know about our three favorite rosé, white and red wines that can.

Alloy Wine, Rosé; $30.00 / per 4 pack b2a2f5fd-d6b7-4ccf-b1db-04436f0e64cf-Large



pgLila, Pinot Grigio; $11.99 / per 4 pack 



Underwood_Can_PinotNoir_1024x1024Underwood, Pinot Noir; $28.00 / per 4 pack 

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