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Rosé All Day – It’s Officially a Thing

Sometime in the past five to ten years or so, rosé began having a moment. And then it became a thing. No one is exactly sure when or how this tipping point began exactly. It could have had something to do with the whole Millennial Pink trend, or that time in 2012 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie famously invested in Provençal winery Chateau Miraval, or perhaps it’s just the whole aspirational idea of rosé itself (you drink it summering along the Mediterranean). Whatever the reason, rosé is definitely here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Cheers to that!

In order to capture our favorite salmon-hue wine’s moment, it seemed only right to shower what is fast becoming America’s most beloved summer past time (aside from corn hole) with a whole lotta love. Check out a recent blog post we wrote featuring an awesome and comprehensive new book about rosé and keeping on reading below. You’ll find info not just about rosé itself, but also the goods and wears that the pink drink has inspired–that you should be stocking up on before the summer is out.

Rosé All Day – gummi bears

Photo: Sugarfina


Life really can’t get much sweeter than with this combination brought to you by Sugarfina. The gummis also come in packs, and Sugarfina also came up with the brill idea of swizzle sticks, and Rosé All Day notecards and iphone cases.


Domaines Ott – wine



This is the stuff dreams are made of. Just take one sip and, no matter what your surroundings, you’ll be transported, by way of your taste buds, to Provence. So good, you’d be hard-pressed to come across a French person without a few bottles of Ott in his or her fridge.


Stop And Smell The Rosé – tote 

Photo: Fallon & Royce


Nothing like an easy breezy canvas tote from Fallon & Royce to take you from sunup to sundown. This bag makes a statement about your love of the slow life, which might also include a glass of Domaines Ott whenever possible.



Yes Way Rosé – candle

Photo: YWR


Hand-poured in the BK, Eau de Rosé Vibes smells of rose petals with notes of blonde woods and spice and comes in the eponymous company’s signature peachy-pink rosé hue. One of many great finds in the Yes Way Rosé collection.

Rosé All Day – swimsuit


Photo: Private Party


We saved the best for last. As if the inspiration behind pink wine couldn’t get any cheekier, we came upon this amazeballs bathing suit. Nothing says I’m ready to party like a “Baywatch”/ Van Halen era California cut onesie. From the minds of Private Party & Swish Beverages. Check out their entire rosé4life collection.

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