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11 Best Wine Songs for Winos

It’s hard to think of music and not also picture its constant companion, alcohol. Usually beer or whiskey or Cristal. What better to write and sing about than what you know? Wine, on the other hand, is, compared to its siblings, more of a rarity, like some of our favorite vintages. Drinking wine is a more studied affair, it takes more effort to even get at the stuff, plus chugging wine is really out of the question. Even if it comes from a box.

That being said, there are a number of songs about wine across genres which are out-and-out classics.  Everyone from rock to country singers and everyone in between, has something to say about the juice. UB40’s “Red, Red Wine” is so iconic, we even dedicated a WineNight tasting to it. Drake, with his love for rosé, may have single-handedly created the current rage for pink drink in the U.S.

So without further ado, on to the music, the musicians and the wines that they love. There are a lot of great wine songs out there, but check out our top 10 favorites songs about wine below:

Pop Rosé – Drake

Elderberry Wine – Elton John

Too Rude – Keith Richards & the X-pensive Winos (not a song per se, but if you name your band after wine, you are entitled to be on our list)

Days Or Wine & Roses – Ella Fitzgerald

Champagne & Wine – Otis Redding

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel

Spill The Wine – Eric Burdon & The Animals

Champagne Supernova – Oasis

Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine – Merle Haggard

Red, Red Wine – UB40

Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley

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