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Hosting Tips for Wine Tasting Parties

We here at WineNight are in the wine tasting party business. So if you’re thinking about hosting a wine tasting at home or anywhere else for that matter, there are a few things we recommend you do to ensure your wine tasting runs like a well-oiled wine press.



  1. Decide on the number of people you want to host. Send out an invite.
  2. When you’ve gotten your RSVPs, it’s time to select wine. Ask your most favorite wine shop owner or wine expert friend or browse around online for some advice. You can host a tasting designed to compare regions, grapes, prices, Europe vs. South of the Equator, white wines, red wines, etc. You get the idea.
  3. Purchase about 1/2 to 1 bottle per person, depending on how your drinking squad likes to roll.
  4. Make sure you have something to cover your bottles with (bags or aluminum foil works), so after you all taste the wine, you can reveal the bottle to find out more about the maker, grape and region.
  5. Make sure whites, rosé and Champagne are chilled before the event. You can throw reds in the fridge 15 minutes before to ensure they stay fresh over the course of the evening.
  6. Purchase or have on hand: corkscrew; 2 wine glasses per guest; napkins; ice bucket; water glasses, water pitcher & spittoon (empty jug or vessel) for palate and glass cleansing between flights. We also recommend these inexpensive wine gadgets and accessories to have on hand during the tasting to make the night run that much more smoothly.



  1. Serve complementary food and cheese: check out our handy dandy food and wine pairing guide right here.
  2. Create a fun atmosphere with candles and music, depending on the theme of your tasting.
  3. Serve the wines from lightest to boldest: light white, bold white, rosé, light reds, bold reds
  4. Pour about a 1 to 2 ounces of wine to each glass. If you like the wine, you can always drink more of itl
  5. Ask guests to see, smell and then sip the wine. Check out our Wine Tasting Primer blog post for more tasting guidance.
  6. Once everyone’s tasted the wine, have wine notes handy to educate guests about the tastes, aromas and history of the wine. Everyone is there to drink and learn, after all.

Them’s the basics! You can add fun and creative elements to the event with wine cork place cards, put candles in empty wine bottles for atmosphere, center it all around dinner or just serve light snacks. It’s all up to you!


If this sounds like a lot of work. We feel you. So you can also skip all the above steps and host a WineNight. We’re in this business to do all of the work for you, after all: from sommelier-selected themed tastings mailed to your door to Spotify music playlists. We even created a super fun tasting game to ensure you’re having as much fun drinking as you are learning. Cheers!

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