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How To Transition Into Fall (With Wine)

Labor Day has come and gone. Sigh. We here at WineNight had an excellent summer visiting friends, getting to know some tasty wines, and overall enjoying everything life has to offer. We hope you did, as well. But now that it’s September, we’re so ready for the transition into the best time of year, here in New York.

Summer into fall in the Northeast goes from scorching sun and heads quite mellowly into cooler temps, kind of like taking a seasonal dip into the shallow end of the pool. We relish the time-honored rituals that go along with this in-between time of year. Below you’ll find a guide to a few of the ways we love to transition into fall, which, of course, includes wine.


The weather may be cooling down, but the farmer’s markets are still rife with summer pleasures. A great way to move between citrus and squash season is to combine the two foods. We love these recipes from The Kitchn, especially the Lasagna Stuffed Zucchini and Roasted Tomato, Squash and Coconut Milk Bisque.



Choosing wine during the not quite warm but not quite cool time of year leaves many people stumped. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit wines from the summer that made us feel light and bright, and sometimes it’s comforting to think ahead with wines that make us want to nest. Then there are wines which manage to do both. Our favorites for this purpose are light-bodied reds, Gamays from France and Pinot Noirs from California.




Nothing says I-transition-with-ease-into-cooler-temps than black leather. Perfect to throw together with a t-shirt or shorts when it’s a sunny with a gust of cool air, or pair with a scarf or hoodie when those temperatures drop at night. Jackets and pants are both super stylish choices for men and women.




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