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Damn Good $8 Aldi Rosé Now Sold in America, Ya’ll!

It was nearly scandalous. Back in April, a bottle of rosé from the German supermarket chain Aldi was named one of the world’s best after a blind tasting at the Oscars of the wine world: International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards. It competed against thousands of entries and was judged by a panel of wine experts. The wine won the best rosé under £8 ($10 give or take) award. It also took home second place in the main competition, as well.

Needless to say, a supermarket wine taking home the Oscar award for best feature film, rocked many people’s worlds. Including ours. Award-winning wine for $8? Sign us up!

Photo: Thrillist

The wine was actually produced by Julian Faulkner of Jules Wines as an exclusive offering at Aldi’s UK stores. But now all that’s changed. On Wednesday, September 20th, this wine will be taking America by storm at all of Aldi’s US locations. With America’s craving for the pink stuff, we can’t imagine supplies will last long, what with this extended summer we’re having and all.

We haven’t gotten our hands on a bottle yet, but the Food52 staff did. We put down a few of their casual tasting notes so you can read up and decide for yourself it’s worth the time hunting it down or the investment:

Nikkitha Bakshani, Associate Editor: Dry for sure. In a good way. Kind of full-bodied. Like a mild fruit…not an apple; that’s too strong. Like a pear. It’s a little too on the sweet side. Not something I taste and say, this is amazing. For an $8 wine, though, it’s good. It’s a little…bland? Definitely a wine you can drink a lot. It’s not very fragrant.

Jackson Fust, Assistant Buyer: It’s not too sweet. Has a nice tartness. It’s half the price of Whispering Angel and possibly better tasting. Nice, thick mouthfeel. Rosé is not the wine you buy to age. It’s a warm weather wine. A party wine. I would drink this at a backyard party.The award-winning, much buzzed about rosé is made by Julian Faulkner or Jules wines. The wine goes on sale in America for the first time ever, Wednesday, Sept. 20, and is only available while supplies last. The chain, which has 1,600 U.S. locations in 35 states, is worth a trip the Aldi closest to you to stock up. Because it’s always summer somewhere.

Kaitlin Bray, Senior Social Media Manager: It tastes like an $8 rosé.


Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor: It’s surprisingly dry and drinkable. Way more than i was expecting for an $8 wine.

Katie MacDonald, Assistant Editor: Sweet. As I drink it more, I get more acclimated to it. It’s not undrinkable.

The tasting results sounds pretty positive. For the price of a salmon-topped bagel and a coffee, we think it’s probably worth giving this supermarket wine a shot.

Also – if you’re always on the look out for other great wines and a good value, Target just began selling $5 wines at its stores, and Trader Joe’s has been selling its “Two Buck Chuck” for years. You can also check out WineNight’s curated tasting, Best Wines for the Least Dough. Our sommelier crafted a tasting of incredibly great wines that are also an incredible value.


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