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Photo: LeBron’s Insta

LeBron James is suiting up for the upcoming NBA season in a “Wine” sneaker to match his Cavs uniform. King James showed off his sneaks on Instagram (as you can see above). It’s unclear if they’ll be for sale or this is just a thing Nike did for LeBron because he’s LeBron. But be on the lookout in 2018. Ya neva know.


Photo: Business Insider

Target released a line of $5 wines to woo those thrifty and wine-loving millennials. Smart move. Because Trader Joe’s, as everyone knows, has long been the cheap and decent wine distributor choice for those looking for a good wine at a great bargain.

Business Insider did a solid for us all – they compared a few bottles of Target’s new California Roots line and taste tested them against similarly priced options from Trader Joe’s. Read below for BI results:

Target’s cabernet feels incredibly silky and smooth on the tongue, with a rich and full-bodied, fruity flavor.

We really enjoyed Target’s California Roots cabernet — it’s glossy and plush with bold and well-balanced flavors.

But Target’s red blend leaves much to be desired, and their pinot grigio is eerily sweet, while their moscato is blatantly so. So were it up to us, we’d head to Trader Joe’s for the selection.


Countries winemakers - maps from wine corks. Map of USA on black background.
Photo: Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator magazine has reported that a new study quantifies that the wine business contributes $220 billion to the economy! We’ve always wondered about the scale of wine, since we know how much people drink wine. But the below statistics are downright amazing.

Nationwide, the industry directly employs close to 1 million people who will earn over $33.5 billion in wages in 2017. Adding in supplier and induced impact, the study found that the industry creates and supports 1.7 million jobs, generating $75.8 billion in wages.

The industry will also pay $31.3 billion in federal, state and local business taxes in 2017, and an additional $5.2 billion in consumption taxes, which includes excise and sales taxes. As for tourism, wineries will attract 43 million tourists in 2017, who will contribute $17.7 billion to local economies.



A few days ago, Kate Hudson, the actress and lifestyle athleisurewear queen, posted an Instagram video of herself engaged in a workout with two bottles of rosé. As you can see in the Instagram post, instead of drinking the bottles, she used them as weights for her arms. (We always knew we loved her!)

Kate’s trainer stands nearby, sipping some wine herself while she encourages Kate to work on her bod. That is the kind of workout we can get behind.  Also, from what we can glean from the location post, they’re in Greece. Sigh!


Just when you thought there was nothing new left to do with wine. Door Peninsula Winery came up with an amazing concept: they are selling a sweet apple wine spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon that you’re supposed to serve warm, sort like cider, but with decidedly more alcohol. It’s called Hallowine, and it’s only $10 a bottle. Perfect as the nights now begin to get cooler.

Though if the cider thing isn’t your jam, they also sell a red wine blend called Witches Brew, and it’s also only about $10. It’s blended with fruit, so it’s a bit sweet, more like sangria. These blends are making us look forward to the end of the month!

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