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Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts

The holidays have snuck up on you. Again. It’s already so close to Christmas Eve that the majority of your colleagues have already taken off for their holiday break. And you still haven’t gotten anyone a present yet. This doesn’t mean your heart isn’t in the right place, just your head’s been a little busy as of late. Numbers to crunch, sales quotas to hit, paragraphs to write. Trust. We know how you feel. So we’ve gone ahead and rounded up a few of the perfect last-minute gifts for the wine lovers in your life that don’t seem at all like last-minute gifts. You’re welcome.



Infinite Monkey Theorem Wine In Cans

We’ve written before about our love for Wines That Can – and Infinite Monkey Theorem (not sure who came up with that name, but we are definitely digging it) is a new company out of Denver that’s canned wines delivers all the things we love about wine from a bottle, but in a portable can. All color hues accounted for, and cider, too.

About $15


Murray’s Cheese – Holiday Celebration Platter

If you don’t live in the New York City area and can’t visit Murray’s Cheese Shop on foot, not to fear! Murray’s has done an excellent job of keeping up with the times, even though the shop is nearly 80 years young. They celebrate the holidays how one should – with an amazing platter consisting of pre-selected cheeses, meats, honey, and crackers.

$180 per platter




Okay, so we’re plugging ourselves. But who could blame us? We provide everything a person needs to host as wine tasting party, plus all of our tastings are marked 30% off for the holiday season. So not only are you giving the wine lover in your life a super cool, experiential wine with friends gift, you’re saving money, too. Plus, nothing says getting into the holiday spirit like giving a present you’ll also get invited to!

About $80-$300 for 6 bottles



Santa’s Party Flask

This image pretty much sums it up. It’s a flask in the shape of a Christmas stocking. It holds 2.25 liters of alcohol, it’s the perfect “SantaCon accessory,” and it’s leak proof and BPA-free. We’re sold.

$20 for one stocking



Rosé All Day: The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine

This one’s a book. And we’ve also written about it before, too. But that’s because it’s so damn good! Wine writer Katherine Cole takes us on an entertaining survey of the history of the wine, moving from the goblets of King Louis XIV to the vineyards of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Cole explains in detail how rosé is created and then tells us where to find the good stuff. Also, it will prep your wine lover for Resort Season drinking and take them on an educated wine journey through all next summer’s shenanigans.

$15 from Amazon

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