How To Rock A Girls’ Night In

You’re a modern gal. So undoubtedly that means your life is full. And your life is busy. You’re owning every aspect of that job or working up those rungs on the career ladder, hour-by-hour, day-by-day to bring home the bacon and thrive. You’re also making time for all the things that really matter: experiences that make you happy, fam that fills you with love, and friends that do both. But with only so many hours in the day, it’s hard to fit in everything. So to make sure you’re able to spend Q.T. with your Lady Squad, we here at WineNight have put together a wine tasting especially for you: Girls’ Night In.

Because we think you’re going to love everything about our latest offering, we’ve decided to give you a little sneak peek into the contents of this curated tasting package. You’re welcome.


This tasting is a celebration of wine and your girls, the two things that will always be there for you at 2AM. So in the package that you’ll receive at your doorstep, you’ll find kibbitz-friendly Rosés, transcendent sparklers, and red wines and white wines that are as easy on the palate as they are on the wallet. (Pricey wine doesn’t mean better wine!)

1 Of 6 Bottles: Hint: It’s From Germany

Leave it to the vintners in the famous Mosel region to find the purrrfect way to delight lovers of this sweet, scented, and smooth grape.


One of the best parts about wine is how well it goes with food. To enhance your wine drinking experience (and to save you oodles of time and energy), we always include our sommelier’s food pairing suggestions in advance of your tasting so you can make your party your own.

Food Pairing Idea (with above wine): Antipasto


We’ll also send you suggestions on ways to take your wine tasting party to the next level, like music playlists and tips on creating a thematic atmosphere. So instead of putting time and effort into prepping for your party, you get to spend all that extra time we’ve saved you catching up on all their latest: life, love, work, and all those hilariously questionable-to-bad late-night decisions.

Spotify Playlist Selection: “Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

The triumph that is the girl anthem that is both uplifting and a heartbreaker.

Is your mouth watering yet? Go ahead and buy this tasting (only $95 for 6 sommelier-selected bottles, plus 6 free WineNight wine glasses while we’re in beta!) and then email the girls and tell them to save the date because you’re throwing a WineNight. And remember: pour heavy and sweats are always welcome–because that’s how we roll at a Girls’ Night In.

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