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9 WineNight-Approved Essentials for Girls’ Night In

You and your Galentines (Girl Valentines, like Amy Poehler said: “Ovaries before brovaries, you know?”) just planned WineNight’s Girls’ Night In, a sommelier-selected 6-bottle wine tasting for your Lady Squad.

As promised, we here at WineNight do all the prep work so you can spend all that extra time with your girls drinking, eating, and crying laughing over each of your questionable-to bad-late night decisions. So, without further ado, here are 9 essential items you’ll want to have on hand to host the BEST. GIRLS’ NIGHT IN. EVER. WineNight-style.

1. WineNight Is About To Get LIT.cc1693677834ae0c644eb689b906dc26

“It smells AMAZING in here!” You’re already the hostess with the mostess with this delicious smelling bubbly-inspired candle.

2. Speak For Yourself

101429_a_grande 2

First rule of WineNight: Never leave a gal hangin’ with an empty glass of wine. 🍷

3. Girl Gang Banner

16f384c4cb99af3c0c5537cb11036aee 2

Because your girl gang is always down to hang.

4. Truffle Popcorn

Ultimate-truffle-popcorn-6 2

Show up Olivia Pope with this wine & popcorn night. Add a dash of truffle oil and treat yourselves, ladies.

5. Sweatpants Required. Bras Optional.


Photo by Wynn Myers at the Hotel Saint Cecilia

If you continue this trend after WineNight… no one will judge you.

6. Dessert Potluck

cookie-swap-table-e1481724313543 2

Plan a dessert potluck and swap your chocolate-y bites for her blondies. (For the wine, check out this red wine chocolate cupcake recipe by Spoon University… mmhmmm!)

7. Polaroid Camera- One Of A Kind Memories



Because selfie mode existed before iPhone’s. 😉

8. Drinking Buddies 

141088462945844p 2

By the 4th or 5th bottle in your tasting, these little drinking buddies might appear as full-sized boyfriends. “Hey, girl…”

9. Cheese and Chocolate

Dessert-Cheese-Plate-8 2

I mean, they basically rhyme and most importantly will ALWAYS be there for you at 2AM.

So, ladies, you’re all set. Now it’s just counting down the hours ‘til Girls’ Night In. And remember… what happens at GNI, stays at GNI. Except for those Polaroids. Those last a lifetime. 💗

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