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How To Do WineNight Right

There are a ton of great wine blogs out there, so we’re guessing you’ve landed here because A) you love drinking wine, B) you love throwing parties, C) you love throwing (or being invited to) wine tasting parties, or D) all of the above – and you may want a little guidance on WineNighting.

With the help of two of our favorite wine lovers & bloggers, Bri (of Bri’s Glass of Wine) and Amanda (aka The Glorious Grape), who threw their own extremely successful Girls’ Night In tastings, we’ll show you what it looks like to do WineNight right.

1. Choose Your Tasting

Our sommeliers have put together tastings for you to discover and learn about wines by grape, region, country, and even by price. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for drinkers at all levels. You can also read up on the entire sommelier-selected line-up on our tastings page.


For the freshmen who want to learn the basics, check out: Girls’ Night In, Sommelier Selects, and 50 Shades of Rosé.

For the sophomores and juniors who know what they like but want to expand their knowledge, we’d go with: Napa Valley: America’s Sweetheart, Italian Stallions and What’s Trending in Wine.

For the seniors who want a deeper dive, we recommend: Divinely Fine Wine and Let Them Drink Burgundy.

2. Pre-pair Food & Snacks

Every tasting has a different assortment of wines, so we send different food recommendations for every flight. We try to be specific enough to so the food is a no-brainer to pick up at the market, but general enough that you’re not hamstrung finding that exact right dish or cheese.

We love what Amanda did with her Girls’ Night In food pairings. Take a look at her spreads for each flight below:

Wines 1 and 2

  • Brie, candied pecans and raspberry preserves with croissants
  • fresh grapes and seasonal Florida strawberries


  • Wines 3 and 4
    • Cream cheese and hot pepper jelly with crackers and French bread
    • Citrus, pineapple and mixed green salad with toasted walnuts and orange poppy seed dressing


  • Wines 5 and 6
    • Assorted flatbreads (pepperoni and oven-roasted tomato, garlic and spinach)
    • Girl Scout Cookies (because it’s that time of year, OK? Let’s celebrate all of our lovely ladies!)


3. Drink & Learn

We provide the wine, the glasses, plus a self-guided tasting app to help you learn a bit more about the wine as you drink it. Having the wines set up in proper order is an important part of the tasting process.

We adore the way Bri presented the bottles at her tasting so elegantly. Plus, around and about the table, she tossed some corks near the plated cheeses and food for some wine atmosphere. Then, for the bottle comparison after the flights, we love how she places the two unsheathed bottles side-by-side.

4. Throw Your Own WineNight

Alright, so you’ve seen how easily it can be done. Now it’s time for you to throw your own wine tasting party! But don’t take our word for how simple we make it for you to host. Here’s what Amanda, The Glorious Grape, had to say about hosting her own WineNight:

Putting together the perfect party can be super stressful, and it is often easy to overlook certain details that may be essential to having a successful party, but WineNight will have your back. You won’t ever have to second-guess putting a song on your playlist, or figuring out if that cheese will pair with that wine again!

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