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The one thing everyone can agree on about wine is there’s a whole lot of it. Walk into any specialty store or market, and you’ll find rows and aisles and racks filled with bottles from all over the world. While we’re incredibly lucky to have so much variety from which to choose, knowing which wine to buy without some guidance can prove to be an overwhelming process.

So to help you make a more informed decision about the WineNight that works best for you, we’re taking a deeper dive into four of our most popular tastings: Bullish On Spain, Napa Valley: America’s Sweetheart, Best Wine For The Least Dough, and 50 Shades Of Rosé.

You’ll learn more below about why our sommelier put together these wines and regions for these specific tastings, so you can order your WineNight with confidence.

Bullish On Spain


Spain is a thirsty country: for food, siestas, bullfighting, sports, tomato throwing–and wine. It’s the third largest producer of wine in the world (after France and Italy), and it’s been a hotbed of wine production since the process was first introduced to the area during Roman times. While the country has been producing incredible red and white wine for eons, wine consumers have really only taken to the earthy luster of Spanish wine in the past few decades. If your palate is a fan of a hearty, earthy, dare we say, lustful tasting wines, you’re going to want to try out Spain’s powerful style.

Our sommelier crafted Bullish On Spain as an introduction to red and white wines produced in some of Spain’s most famed regions: Rioja, Rias Baixas, Madrid, Galicia, Ribera del Duero, and Monstant. You’ll find that grapes from the drier and warmer South and the cooler and wetter North display wildly different tastes. Though the thing these robust reds and crisp Spanish whites all have in common (especially the reds) is they all have a deep, aromatic, intense, earthy mouthfeels, kind of like if you put Antonio Banderas in a bottle.

This is a perfect tasting for anyone who loves wine with some backbone to it, or for those who love Italian wine but want to discover its cousin that comes with a different set of cajones. If you’ve gotten this far and this description of Spanish wine has left you drooling, you should probably go ahead and order this tasting now.

Napa Valley: America’s Sweetheart


America has a long history of producing top quality wine, but it was the Rodney Dangerfield of the wine world (couldn’t get no respect) until the famous 1976 Judgement of Paris blind tasting. A Napa wine, the 1973 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, was judged the best over four top-ranked Bordeaux wines for the first time. Since then, Napa has only grown in style and stature.

While the Napa region grows and produces a large variety of grapes at the highest quality imaginable, the Cabernet grape does particularly well in this region. It just loves that sunlight and Cali climate and the region’s vast array of volcanic and marine-laden soils. So for this Napa Valley: America’s Sweetheart tasting, our sommelier is very focused on you knowing one thing and one thing only: how the Cabernet grape tastes in Napa Valley. He’s chosen wines from some of the Napa’s most beloved producers and a few vintners that you may not know but will definitely want to get to know.

If you love Cabernets generally, the exploration of this grape is going to be the perfect tasting for you. If you want to learn more about how one grape can taste wildly different from vineyard to vineyard, then this tasting is also going to be up your alley. So go ahead and order yours now.

Best Wine For The Least Dough


The biggest misconception about wine is that the more expensive a wine, the better it’s going to taste. Sure, sure, there’s that $300 bottle that’s going to launch your taste buds into the stratosphere, but often the expensive cost is just a supply and demand thing. For those who just love good wine and don’t want to pay over $20, vintners are with you! They love a great cheap wine, too, and they’re a lot of them making incredible quality and good prices. You just need to know where to look, or who to ask. Or which tasting to buy.

Best Wine For The Least Dough is a pretty straightforward tasting. Our sommelier put together a line-up of his most favorite least expensive wines that show all the flavor and character of wines at three times the price. He’s selected bottles from all over the world, France, Germany, California, and from vintners who are really good at their craft, to show you that delicious can be affordable.

If you’re new to wine, this tasting is perfect for you. You’ll get to know a variety of grapes and regions without breaking the bank. This tasting is also great for wine lovers who want to discover a few affordable wines to stock up on by the caseload. With our current 30% off deal, you’re definitely going to want to order this tasting for only $60.

50 Shades Of Rosé


While Europeans have known about the glories of Rosé for quite some time, Americans have recently found Rosé to be the biggest thing since sliced bread. We literally can’t get enough of the stuff. If the temperature heads northward of 60 degrees, you can be damn sure there are people somewhere sipping on the pink stuff. The appeal of this warm-weather quaffer is that it’s light and fresh, and it comes in a variety of tastes and colors. This wine can be dry or bubbly or sweet, or the color of salmon to a deep neon pink. So there’s pretty much a Rosé for everyone.

A lot of people think of Rosé as a one-note wine. But with 50 Shades of Rosé, our sommelier is going to expose you to a whole variety of Rosés, specifically from France, where this thirst-quencher thrives. From the island of Corsica to Provence, the famed summer Eden that is the second largest rosé-producing region in the world, you’ll taste extraordinary grapes and blends and find the style that most appeals to your palate.

Fans of drinking in the summertime will love this tasting. If you’re the kind of person who feels celebratory, even if it’s cold out, you’ll love this tasting. If you love drinking Rosé all day, but want to get to know more about the wine you’re guzzling, then, by all means, order this tasting.

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