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Best, Cheap Rosé Wine Under $20

Summer is officially in full swing. We hope you’re planning on making drinking wine a part of your summer M.O., because we here at WineNight are getting in on that swilling bandwagon. So if you are planning on drinking wine like a rock star, but don’t have the funds to support said lifestyle, you’re going to want to read on below. Because today, we’re going to round up a list of the pink wines you should drink that not only taste great, they won’t leave you penniless, either.


Photo: Ethan Calebrese

While we like to call our rosé summer water as a matter of course, because we drink so much of it, we’re happy to see someone agreed with us. And that someone is a collaboration between Yes Way Rosé and Winc, so you know you’re going to get something deliciously special.

“Coming from Napa, this rosé is made from completely pinot noir grapes. The project is a collaboration between Yes Way Rosé and Club W. A good bit of acidity here, but with a plush mid-palate. Note, that this is not a replacement for actual water, even if you are tempted to make the swap.” – The Cut


Photo: Total Wine

Dark Horse is based in Modesto, CA, being lead by Beth Liston, a winemaker crazy enough to believe that with the right planning and technique, a reasonably priced wine could actually be ridiculously good. All her work and bets have paid off. She and her wine are a dark horse no longer!

“A deep pink peach color. The nose was fresh with notes of sour cherry and ripe melon with a hint of oak. Light to medium bodied and crisp. It is also refreshing and mouthwatering with faint apricot and sour cherry flavors. The finish is prolonged and pleasant. A very versatile summer picnic/barbecue wine. We would pair it with cheese and crackers, Caesar salad, grilled chicken, or sushi. A great value for $10!” – Ken’s Wine Guide


Photo: MC Wine

This bottle is from Provence, France, northeast of Marseille and due east of Aix-en-Provence, so you’re already ahead of the game with this wine in hand. Because this wine is how you think rosé should taste if you’ve never tasted it before. And even if you’re on your one thousandth glass of wine, it still tastes like summer with every sip. Keep it in stock and make it your go-to wine from now on.

“Is it legal to marry a bottle of wine? (Please say yes.) This classic example of rosé from Provence evokes strawberry, cherry blossom and blood orange peel (aka true love forever). When you’re not sipping it poolside, it pairs well with seafood (think: warming bouillabaisse).” – PureWow

Tribeca Wine Merchants


Photo: Flatiron Wines

Born and bred in the greens of Long Island, Wolffer was one of the early vintners to hit it big out in East Egg. They have had continued success with this fine example of a Rosé, and not just because all the famous people from New York City like to drink it on weekends. Though that doesn’t hurt, either.

“This week’s wine of the week, Wolffer Estate 2017 Estate Rosé ($18) has been out for a month or so now, but in many ways, it’s the wine that started the dry rosé craze locally. Winemaker Roman Roth makes a lot of it (nearly 26,000 cases, a production that dwarfs the total production of many local wineries) and there’s a reason it’s a true Long Island — it’s delicious.

Fruity on the nose with dominant aromas of peaches and cantaloupe, and with more subtle hints of lemon zest and guava, it delivers a bit of white cherry on a brisk, focused palate that is fruity-but-dry with a beautiful vein of acidity running up the middle and a slightly minerally finish that tastes a bit like rainwater smells on a gravel driveway.” – Northforker

Flatiron Wines


Photo: Flatiron Wines

Greek wines have been making a comeback as of late. And you couldn’t do better than to try this 100% limonila grape, indigenous to Greece! It’s delicate and light and perfect for summer. Or pretending you are vacationing in Mykonos on your back deck.

“Not only one of my top Greek rosé picks, also one of my top rosé bottlings in general. Bright cranberry and other red fruits with spice and subtle mineral cut on the mid-palate. Has a juicy core of fruit which is bright and refreshing on the palate.” – KL Wines

Flatiron Wines

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